Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mill Creek Wilderness 7.1.06

The boys are in Costa Rica visiting Mom & Dad, and we're taking advantage of the opportunity. Last weekend Karen, Sydney and I went back packing in the Mill Creek Wilderness in the Ochoco Mountains. Sydney has been camping since she was a baby and has done plenty of day hikes into wilderness areas, but this was her first backpacking trip. It was just an overnighter, but she had to carry her gear and food. We all had a good time.

The walk in was just 3 miles, which gave us lots of time to set up camp and fool around in the creek for much the afternoon. The next day we took a long loop out - 9 miles and over 3000 feet in elevation gain and then descent via a geological formation called the Twin Pillars. That day was tiring. Sydney was a trooper.

The Mill Creek Wilderness is a nice spot. Just over an hour east from our house, but remote. Mill Creek is small, but holds a ton of small brook trout and I caught more than my fair share. We saw a couple of deer and caught just a glimpse of an elk as it ran away.

Next week we're off to eastern Oregon and Idaho camping in our tent trailer.