Sunday, April 10, 2005

Metolius River Hike

After I couldn't get anyone excited about a day of snow skiing this morning I dragged Karen and Sydney out on a hike along the Metolius River. The Metolius is about 40 minutes from our house and is considered to be one of the top fly fishing rivers in Oregon. It was a beautiful walk.

Along the way we saw one guy who really seemed to know what he was doing - you can just tell when you watch some people (plus he had some big fish on). On the walk back we ran into him on the trail and I struck up a conversation. This guy really knew a lot about fly fishing and answered a bunch of questions about some local waters that I had not been able to get good answers to elsewhere. Turns out "this guy" was John Judy, well-known local flyfishing guide/writer. Great fisherman with a great personality, not a bad combo. Anyone want to split a guide for a day? The bull trout in the Metolius get up to 36" long and fight like steelhead...