Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bend Brag

Today was one of those "Bend Brag" days; actually this weekend is going to be a Bend Brag weekend. (For the uninitiated, the Bend Brag is talking how how many cool things you did in a single day.)

Last night (Fri) we hit our favorite local wine shop, tasted a few offerings, and picked up a decent Montrachet. Today we hit Mt. Bachelor early for morning downhill runs under perfect blue skies. The holiday weekend crowds drove us out around noon so we came home to a warm day. Karen went for a run, I grabbed a quickie 14.3 mile road bike ride. (The photo below is from my ride. It's from a cell phone camera, but even this poor quality photo shows how great the scenery is.)

Tonight we plan to drink that bottle of wine with some friends over crab quiche. Tomorrow the plan is to skate ski in the morning. I'll do some afternoon fly fishing. Not sure what Karen's plans are.

Sometimes I can't believe how incredibly lucky I am to live here, other times I can't believe how stupid I was to take so long to get here...